Formelan comfortable gel to improve erection and penis length. Review


Sexual problems make you feel bad about your own masculinity? Most men have this problem. Surveys show that up to 64% of mature men, over thirty-five years old are struggling with problems with maintaining an erection. It is worth noting that this problem also affects much younger men.

What could be the cause? Stress, a modern, inactive lifestyle, are responsible for some of the problems. Erectile dysfunction occurs over the years or suddenly, because of an injury or… without any cause. It happens that one day the organ stops working as he should, leaving both wife and husband embarrassed.

Is there an effective way to deal with erection problems? Fortunately, there are innovative products on the Internet market, making significant progress in terms of improving the quality of sexual life and even helping in maintaining an erection for up to several hours. Such a solution is Formelan – an innovative gel for penis enlargement and hard erection.

What Formelan really is?

Formelan Gel - 100% natural formulaFormelan product is a complete novelty on the market, but its modern formula, quickly absorbed consistency and non-invasive form have already helped many men regain confidence. Formelan is a gel which composition and absorption has been refined by leading specialists in urology and sexology in Europe. The effects in the form of harder and longer erections are noticeable already after 2 minutes from application. It is enough to wait 1-2 days for the remaining effects. The preparation can be safely ordered only through official online distribution – it will be delivered discreetly, and its action guarantees full satisfaction in the bedroom.

Formelan is based on a transdermal form of action. This means that the ingredients are absorbed directly by the skin into the bloodstream. Simply put, we do not have to take pills and wait for them to work. If you decide to use a gel, you will feel the effect earlier. The active ingredients of natural origin have a positive effect on potency and increase of penis size. They support libido growth, are precursors of testosterone and extend the duration of erections. Completely satisfying sex does not have to be just a fantasy.

How to enlarge penis? Only with Formelan!

Researchers working on this innovative formula have focused on achieving the best results using only natural ingredients. Their selection, the right amount and refined active ingredients make the gel work quickly and allow to achieve full erections for longer. Below is the composition of the Formelan gel:

  • Guarana extract, which has many advantages in addition to its stimulating properties. First of all, guarana is a plant used for a long time for potency problems – mainly because of the high caffeine content. This causes partial relaxation of the cochlear arteries of the penis and smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa bodies;
  • Ginseng extract from Asian ginseng contained in Formelan gel supports circulation and has an anesthetic effect;
  • Extract of greater burdock, the contents of which allow the blood to reach a specific place immediately. In this way, the extract from Burdock works the fastest and most effectively, and when used locally, it immediately cleans cells and blood vessels.
  • Extract from the bark of Mediterranean pine. It helps primarily in maintaining the efficiency of veins – it removes toxins and harmful cholesterol.
  • Citrulline is a bioactive substance of organic origin, which also occurs in Formelan gel. It is a means to increase libido, as well as sensitivity to sexual experience. Regular use of citrulline in small amounts effectively increases the morning ejection of testosterone.

Formelan gel is clinically tested!

Studies show that the first effects of Formelan appear after just a few minutes. Blood starts to be pumped more and more quickly to the penis, so it starts to grow continuously and systematically. What is more, the organ becomes not only longer, but also wider. Thanks to stronger blood flows and pressure regulation, the erection itself is also harder. All because of nature! This will make you even twice as surprised as your partner – size and hardness. Another advantage, very important for every lady, is the prolongation of the erection time even to a few hours of agitation!

Advantages of systematic usage of Formelan:

  • up to 5 cm of penis length increase;
  • harder erection;
  • significant extension of the erection time;
  • Formelan is a much better and 100% more effective alternative to penis pumps or weights, which unfortunately have only a temporary effect and can significantly cause harm.

The first effects can be seen after just a few minutes, the full effects, which are permanent, can be seen after a full treatment, that is 28 days. It is worth noting that there are many studies confirming the effectiveness of Formelan gel. Such a study is an experiment from the Faculty of Natural Medicine of Madison Brave University Hospital. As many as 600 men between the ages of 18 and 90 took part in the experiment. Each of the subjects suffered from short and perishable erections. In a survey collected before the experiment the participants were asked about the quality of erotic life, satisfaction from their penis and sexual performance.

Quality of sexual life before the study

Very unsatisfactory Unsatisfactory Average Satisfactory


Very satisfactory


How do you rate your sexual performance? 72% 12% 11% ~3% ~1%
How do you rate the width of your penis? 88% 10% 1% 1% ~1%
How do you rate the length of your penis? 72% 9% 2% 1% 1%
How do you rate the quality of your erection? 82% 9% 4% 1% 1%

Measurable level of sexual satisfaction after using Formelan gel!

The participants were divided into a control group (taking placebo) and people who were given samples of Formelan gel. After four weeks the results were collected.

The control group complained about a very small improvement in quality in each measured category. The improvement was about 5%, which can be explained by an autosuggestion phenomenon – most of the evaluated men evaluated themselves better because they expected a real improvement (they did not know that they were getting the placebo). However, the vast majority of these men continued to suffer from ailments associated with poor quality erections.

It is worth noting that placebo had the best results in the group of young men (18-30 years old) with problems of unknown origin, perhaps on psychological grounds.

In contrast, people taking Formelan immediately reported a definite improvement.

Quality of sexual life and satisfaction with sexual performance, after Formelan treatment:

Very unsatisfactory Unsatisfactory Average Satisfactory


Very satisfactory


You rate your sex life as 0% 7% 7% 12% 86%
How do you rate your sexual performance? 3% 10% 11% 40% 60%
How do you rate the width of your penis? 1% 1% 2% 6% 95%
How do you rate the length of your penis? 1% 2% 1% 3% 93%
How do you rate the quality of your erection? 1% 1% 2% 5% 96%

First of all, the value determining the average duration of erections has increased. Before the experiments, the typical time for the whole group was only 15 minutes and 56 seconds, but it should be noted that out of this 46% of respondents were not able to achieve an erection. 23% additionally described it as “semi-soft”, “unstable” or “shameful to show to a partner”. After taking Formelan, erection problems were still present in only eight patients, which confirms the effectiveness of the preparation at 99%. The erection also typically (on average) lasted 1 hour and 42 minutes.

Formelan – reviews

“This is an interesting proposal that can compete with the most popular means. So far, I have no negative experience of using a gel. On the contrary, my doctor said that it works well on the circulatory system. I recommended this gel to my brother-in-law, believing it is very good at preventing the breakdown of a marriage. I am also pleased with the improvement in erection quality and efficiency in bed.”

Andrzej, 33

„The manufacturer of penis enlargement gel ensures that Formelan helps to achieve a long and strong erection. But the manufacturer’s promises are one thing, but customer reviews are different, so the question is whether Formelan has met the expectations of the man who used it? It turns out so!

Among the great advantages is a strong and hard erection, which immediately leads to increased penis size and delayed ejaculation. Besides, I am no longer worried about using Formelan erection gel because the composition is natural, safe and shows no side effects.

This supplement allows me to get a larger penis size during the excitement. I know that the ingredients contained in the gel promote the relaxation of blood vessels, which results in improved blood circulation in the penis tissues. I would personally recommend this gel to anyone!”

Kazimierz, 65

“I had incredible complexes due to erectile dysfunction, and although many times I did not stand up to the task. This scenario was still haunting me. Formelan is the only gel I used because I was afraid of stronger and less natural things, I read that they could lead to a heart attack or something similar. On the other hand, Formelan worked straight away, and for the first time in years I felt good in my own body! Now I am married, have three beautiful daughters and no erection problems!”

Konrad, 55

To sum up, Formelan is a gel solution designed for all men, regardless of age or economic condition, who expect more and more from each other and strive to improve erections. The product is highly recommended by experts because it contains 100% natural ingredients, no pharmacological substances, so it is safe to use and its effectiveness has been tested on hundreds of men. Moreover, this immediate action of the additive.

Independent studies have shown that Formelan gel eliminates 99% of the causes of erectile dysfunction. The gel restores sexual functions, but most importantly, it works directly on the penis, improving blood supply.

FAQ – frequently asked questions about Formelan gel

Is Formelan an over-the-counter agent?

Due to its natural composition and lack of side effects, Formelan can be used without a prescription.

How long does it take to use the gel to get good results?

Formelan should always be used before sex, rubbing a small amount of gel over the entire penis length.

How long does it take to see Formelan work?

Most patients report that the gel is absorbed up to five minutes after application. You can successfully start sexual initiation in just two minutes after application.

Is it possible to have oral sex after applying the gel?

Yes, Formelan is not toxic and you can have oral sex while using it.

13 thoughts on “Formelan comfortable gel to improve erection and penis length. Review

  1. I bought two packages of formelan, always as something is promising I prefer to buy in stock than then regret it or something like that. Just the third day I lubricate prophylactically and feels awesome. Plus, my penis is even optically larger. A good +3 cm in length and 1.5 cm in circumference. In addition, the veins came out and you have more desire to have sex yourself.

  2. Much better than all those fake wiagra or camagra on our black market. In addition, the gel bottles are very large, either they are not used enough, or they last much longer than they write in the description. After the first lubrication you can already feel the effect. I recommend it.

  3. finally, something interesting. Stuffing oneself with tabs from pharmacies is wasting money. Formelan is such a safe equivalent of blue diamond-shaped tablets, remember SAFETY. It does not increase pressure, and this is important, at least for me.

  4. I finally felt like a man. After thirty, not only does the testosterone level drop, but also the penis doesn’t erect hard at all. I have never had the courage to try known testosterone boosters. Gel is something else, just rubbing in is nice.

  5. I ordered it the third time. I recommend it to everyone. First of all, it works. In my case, the results may not be great, but from 12cm I made almost 16 and during meetings with younger ones it makes a big difference.

  6. Although I am only 22 years old, I have experimented with many sexual gadgets. I also took various peculiarities, after which the only thing that I got was a headache and my penis nearly exploded from the pressure. Formelan is just right for me. If you forget, all you have to do is to apply it 5 minutes before going to bed and everyone will be happy. Ps. If the girl blows you, she will love the slippage and the taste 😛

  7. The doctor always said that my problems are psych, stress, and so on related. So what? He could not help me. I looked on my own and forgot what stress or lack of a boner is. Erections stronger, sex much more pleasant, mega improved feelings.

  8. We have reached this stage with our partner that I am not the only one who lubricates with Formelan. She does it with pleasure as well, because the slippage and feelings are much better, and my penis gets much bigger.

  9. This is my favorite product. Formelan made me bang like a real porn actor. Now I can do it even 5-6 times a night. I’ve also noticed an increase of over 4 centimeters. Firecracker gentlemen!!!!!!!!

  10. Ahoy guys, tell me, if I rub Formelan on my penis, won’t my wife have trouble with contraception? We are already trying to be careful. Thanks for the answer.

    1. No, proofed info. Formelan has no effect on contraception both for you and the woman, so go ahead.

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